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Scheller´s Gingerbread

Ingredients: For the dough - 500 g honey, 250 g sugar, 250 g margarine,
1 kg flour, 40 g gingerbread spice, salt, 10 g potash,
10 g ammonium carbonate, 4 Tsp. rum
For decoration - powder sugar, cacao, coloured sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles, almonds, nuts, desiccated coconut or whatever you like

heat up honey, sugar and margarine
combine sieved flour, salt and gingerbread spice
dissolve potash and ammonium carbonate separately in always 2 Tsp. of rum
combine the cooled off honey mixture with all remaining ingredients
let the dough rest for 2-20 days at a cool place covered with a cloth before baking
knead dough thoroughly again, roll out and cut out forms
bake gingerbread at medium heat, spread on a white (mix of powder sugar and water) or brown glaze (mix of powder sugar, cacao and water) and decorate as you like


Chicken Fajitas
(4 servings)

Ingredients: 4 pieces chicken breast, 2 cloves garlic, 4 limes,
2 big green peppers, 4 onions, 200 g crème fraiche
or sour cream, 200 g grated cheese,
oil, salt, pepper, 8 flour tortillas

marinade chicken breast with chopped garlic in the juice of the limes for at least 1 hour or even longer if possible
cut peppers into stripes and onions into rings
roast chicken breast briefly in hot oil, fry for 10 more minutes at lower heat
fry onions and peppers in hot oil in a second pan, onions should become slightly brown
cut chicken breast at an angle into stripes and serve with onions and peppers on a hot dish
moisten tortillas and heat up in the oven or microwave, but watch out that the tortillas remain soft
fill tortillas as you wish with chicken, peppers, onions, cheese, crème fraîche or sour cream respectively, guacamole or a hot sauce and roll them up


Cooked Meat Balls

Ingredients: 400 g ground meat, 1 roll, 2 eggs, 1 onion,
½-1 Tsp. mustard, salt, pepper, caraway, 40 g margarine,
40 g flour, lemon juice, chopped capers

soak roll and finely chop onion
mix ground meat with mashed roll, 1 egg, onion, mustard, salt, pepper and some caraway
form dumplings with the mixture and let them simmer in salted water for approx. 20 minutes; you can additionally add some vegetable broth to the water
melt margarine in a pan, add the flour, stir and fill up with broth until it becomes a creamy sauce
stir egg into the sauce, season with salt, lemon juice and if you like with capers
serve with rice or potatoes


French Apple Cake

Ingredients: For the batter - 150 g butter, 4 eggs, 150 g sugar,
2 cl Calvados (apple liqueur), a pinch of salt, 150 g flour, ½ pck. baking powder
For the filling - 500 g apples, 1 Tsp. powder sugar, 1 pck. vanilla sugar

melt butter and let if cool off
beat eggs, sugar, Calvados and salt until the mixture is foamy
mix in the cooled off butter, baking powder and sieved flour
peel apples and slice them, stir 400 g of them into the batter
place batter into a greased and with baking paper covered baking dish, spread the remaining apple slices onto the dough
bake cake in the preheated oven at the lowest position for 50 - 55 minutes at 200°C, cover with aluminium foil after 20 minutes
sprinkle cake with a mixture of powder sugar and vanilla sugar


Pork Roulade with Ham-Basil-Filling
(4 servings)

Ingredients: 4 pork roulades, salt, pepper, 200 g cheese,
100 g ham, 1 bunch of basil, 2 cloves of garlic,
7 carrots, butter, 250 ml vegetable broth, 400 g spaghetti

season roulades with salt and pepper, cut ham into small pieces and spread them onto the meat
grate cheese, wash basil and reserve some leaves, chop basil and garlic, peel carrots and grate two of them
melt butter and fry the grated carrot with garlic and basil, place the mixture together with the cheese onto the meat
roll up meat, clip with roulade needles and fry the roulades, add broth and let it stew for approx. 30 minutes, thicken the sauce a bit if necessary
cook spaghetti in salted water, slice the remaining carrots and cook in salted water, turn in butter and season with pepper
serve roulades with spaghetti and carrots, decorate with basil


Strawberry Dream (Cake)

Ingredients: For the sponge - 4 egg yolk, 125 g sugar, 4 egg white,
a pinch of salt, 75 g flour, 50 g corn starch, ¼ tsp. baking powder
For the crème - 1 pck. pudding powder (vanilla), ½ l milk, ½ l cream,
3 pck. vanilla sugar
For the filling - 200 g jam (strawberry), 1 kg strawberries,
25 g chopped pistachios

beat 1 egg yolk with 4 Tsp. of warm water foamy, gradually add sugar
beat egg white with salt, add to the egg yolk mixture
combine flour, corn starch and baking powder, sieve onto the beaten egg white and stir
bake for 30 minutes at 175°C
cut dough once horizontally, spread the jam onto the lower part
prepare pudding with ½ l milk
beat cream with vanilla sugar, put to cool
cut 2/3 of the washed strawberries into eights, slice the rest
mix pudding with the beaten cream and the strawberry pieces with 1/3 of the creme
spread the strawberry-cream-mixture onto the jam, cover with the upper part of the sponge
spread the remaining crème onto the cake and around the rim
sprinkle the cake rim with pistachios and the top with strawberry slices, put cake to cool


Onion-Bacon-Pizza with Tuna
(16 pieces)

Ingredients: For the pizza dough - 375 g flour, 3 Tsp. olive oil, ¾ cube yeast,
190 ml lukewarm water, ¾ tsp. salt
For the topping - 1 kg onions, 250 g bacon,
4 Tsp. olive oil, salt, pepper, 1 can tuna in oil (210 g), 1/8 l milk,
125 g cream, 4 eggs, 1 bundle parsley, 100 g grated cheese

prepare pizza dough and let it rest for approx. 45 minutes
cut onions into thin rings
chop bacon into small pieces and fry shortly in a pan with oil
add onion rings and fry while stirring for approx. 5 minutes, season with salt and pepper
roll pizza dough onto a greased baking sheet, spread onion-bacon-mixture on it
drain tuna, pick to pieces and spread on the tuna-bacon-mixture
mix milk with cream, eggs and chopped parsley, season with salt and pepper and pour evenly over the topping
finally sprinkle with cheese and bake for approx. 25-30 minutes in the preheated oven at 200°C


Redcurrant Cake with Meringue Cover
(20 pieces)

Ingredients: 250 g butter, 100 g sugar, 1 pck. vanilla sugar,
salt, 1 egg, 250 g flour, 2 tsp. baking powder,
1 kg redcurrants, 3 eggs - just the egg white, 150 g sugar

mix butter with sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, 1 egg, flour and baking powder until the batter is smooth, spread onto a greased baking sheet
wash redcurrants and spread over the batter
bake at 175-200°C for approx. 25 minutes
beat the 3 egg whites and mix in 150 g sugar
spread the egg-white mixture over the cake and bake at 200-225°C for approx. 8 minutes


Layer Salad - Summer Version
(8-10 servings)

Ingredients: 1 lettuce, 1 cucumber, 1 red pepper,
2 tomatoes, 1 stick leek or ½ onion,
150 g cooked ham, 150 g grated cheese, ½ can corn
Dressing: ½ glas low-fat mayonnaise, 1 cup cream, some milk,
vinegar, salad seasoning (Fix), oil, salt, pepper
Decoration: 4 hard-boild eggs, chopped chives

chop or cut all ingredients into small pieces and pile up layer by layer in a big salad bowl in the mentioned sequence
prepare dressing and spread over the last layer of the salad
cut eggs in quarters and place them together with the chopped chives on top
let the salad rest over night


(4 servings)

Ingredients: 150 g mushrooms, 1 red pepper, 2 Tsp. oil, 800 g gyros,
100 ml greek brandy (e.g. Metaxa) or alternatively vegetable broth,
2 Tsp. tomato paste, 100 g grated cheese

cut mushrooms in half and fry for about 3 minutes in hot oil, take them out of the pan
cut pepper in medium pieces, fry gyros and pepper for approx. 8 minutes
mix brandy or vegetable broth respectively with the tomato paste, add to the meat and bring to a boil
place the mixture into an ovenproof dish, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the preheated oven at 200°C for about 10-15 minutes
serve with round flat loaf or rice


Curd Cheese-Tangerine-Cake

Ingredients: For the short pastry - 250 g flour, 1 egg, 100 g margarine,
100 g sugar, ½ pck. baking powder
For the filling - 1 can tangerines
For the curd cheese mixture - 4 egg yolk, 120 g sugar, 1 pck. vanilla sugar,
1 pck. vanilla pudding, ¼ l milk, 1 cup sweet cream, 500 g curd cheese
For the cover - 4 egg white, 125 g sugar

prepare short pastry from the ingredients and place pastry into a greased baking dish
spread tangerines onto the pastry
prepare curd cheese mixture and spread over the tangerines, bake at 175°C for approx. 45 - 60 minutes
for the cover beat egg white with sugar, spread onto the half-baked cake and bake at 150°C for approx. 20 minutes


Turkey Cutlet Gratin
(4 servings)

Ingredients: 3 large potatoes, salt, 750 g carrots, ½ bunch thyme,
4 turkey cutlets, pepper, paprika,
50 g grated cheese, 2 egg yolk, 30 g butter or margarine,
nutmeg, 1 bunch parsley

peel, wash and coarsly grate potatoes, cook for 5-10 minutes in salted water, place on paper towels
peel carrots and coarsly grate one
wash thyme and pick off leaves
wash cutlets, dry them off with paper towels and fry them from both sides, season with salt, pepper and paprika
combine potatoes, grated carrots, thyme, cheese and egg yolk and place that mixture onto the cutlets
bake at 200°C for approx. 20 minutes
slice the rest of the carrots, melt butter and stew carrots covered for 10 minutes, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg
chop parsley and add to the carrots
serve cutlets with the carrots and croquettes or savoury grated potato pieces