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Recipes 2003:

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Almond Macaroons
(50-60 pieces)

Ingredients: 3 egg white, some salt, 250 g powder sugar,
250 g ground almonds, 1 pck. vanilla sugar,
3-5 ground bitter almonds or 6-8 drops of bitter almond aroma,
baking wafers

beat egg white with salt until its extremely stiff
sieve powder sugar and combine with ground almonds and vanilla sugar
add this mixture gradually to the egg white, if you have not yet taken bitter almonds, add some drops of bitter almond aroma
place the batter with a teaspoon in the middle of baking wafers and place them onto a baking sheet covered with baking paper
bake at 150-175C for about 20 minutes


Raisin Rolls
(12 rolls)

Ingredients: 60 g margarine, 1 egg, 3 Tsp. sugar, 250 g low-fat curd cheese,
75 g raisins, 25 g chopped pistachios, 250 g flour,
1 pck. baking powder, ca. 2 Tsp. milk

mix margarine, egg and sugar until the batter gets frothy
add curd cheese, raisins and pistachios
combine flour and baking powder and gradually add to the batter, possibly add some milk, the batter must be sticky
place longish rolls with the help of 2 tablespoons onto a baking sheet with baking paper
bake at 200C for about 30 minutes


Mushroom Ragout with Peas
(4 servings)

Ingredients: wholemeal noodles, 400 g fresh mushrooms, onion,
oil, 400 ml vegetable broth, parsley, chives,
peas, cornstarch


Eierschecke (cheesecake with egg cover)
(by Elfriede Heine from Neudorf)

Ingredients: For the bottom layer: 750 g curd cheese, 2 eggs,
1 pck. vanilla pudding, 200g sugar
For the upper layer: ½ l milk, 200 g butter or margarine, 1 Tsp. milk,
1 pck. vanilla pudding, 5 eggs, 150 g sugar


Leek Bread

Ingredients: 250 g flour, 1 tsp. salt, 20 g yeast, 100 g leek, 50 g margarine,
10 g grated cheese, 1 egg yolk



Ingredients: 200 g margarine, 6 eggs, 250 g sugar, 1 kg low-fat curd cheese,
juice of half a lemon, 100 g flour, 1 tsp. baking powder, 2 pck. vanilla sugar


Noodle Salad
(6-8 servings)

Ingredients: approx. 350-500 g noodles, approx. 6 slices cooked ham, pickled gherkins, peas, corn, 1 red pepper
For the dressing: salad mayonnaise (approx. ½ small glas), 150-200 g yogurt, approx. 6 Tsp. ketchup, juice of pickled gherkins, some milk, dill, salt, pepper


Cutlet with Carrot-Nut-Crust
(4 servings)

Ingredients: 4 pork cutlets, salt, pepper, 4 carrots (400 g),
4 Tsp. grated hazelnuts, 1 egg, 2 Tsp. oil


Greek Easter Twist

Zutaten: 1 kg flour, 1 cube yeast, 100 g sugar, 60 g melted margarine,
400 ml lukewarm milk, 2 eggs, grated skin of a lemon,
1 eggyolk, 1 Tsp. milk, 2 Tsp. sesame seed, 5 hard-boiled red-coloured eggs

put flour in a bowl, press a depression in the middle
mix yeast with sugar and 200 ml milk, pour into the depression, cover and let it rest for about 15 minutes
mix the rest of the milk with the eggs and lemon skin, add to the flour and yeast and prepare a smooth dough, cover and let it rest at a warm place until it has enlarged evidently
knead dough again, divide into 5 portions (3 larger und 2 smaller ones), form into rolls
plait the 3 larger rolls, twist the remaining two
mix the eggyolk with some milk and spread that mixture on the plaited part, dent it alongside in the middle
place the twisted part in the depression, spread eggyolk-milk mixture on it and sprinkle all with sesame seed, place hard-boiled eggs in the twist
place yeast twist on a baking sheet with baking paper, let it rest for another hour, bake at 200C for 45 minutes


Noodle Omelette

Zutaten: 100 g spaetzle (type of swabian pasta),
salt, mixed chopped herbs (fresh or frozen), 1-2 tomatoes,
50 g Gouda cheese in slices, 2 eggs, 100 ml milk,
pepper, 1 tsp. margarine


Snow White Cake

Ingredients: For the batter - 100 g margarine, 150 g sugar, 1 pck. vanilla sugar,
3 eggs, 200 g flour, ½ pck. baking powder, 1/16 l milk,
2 Tsp. cocoa, 1 glas sour cherries
For the filling - 250 g curd cheese, 1 cup cream, 1 pck. cream starch, 2 Tsp. sugar,
1 pck. vanilla sugar, ¼ l cherry juice, 1 pck. red cake glaze


Fish Soup
(4 servings)

Ingredients: 3 cans of fish (herring filet in tomato sauce),
2 x 500 g strained tomatoes, 3-4 pickled gherkins, 1 large onion,
some coriander, 3-4 bay leafs, 6 pimentos,
some oregano or marjoram, salt, some lemon juice,
approx. 2 tsp. vegetable broth or 1 stock cube