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February 23rd, 2004
on the way to GozoToday we wanted to make a trip to the neighbouring island of Malta -Gozo-. The sun was shining brightly and thus we took the bus No. 48 at 9:30 a.m. (0,40 Lm per person) to Cirkewwa, where the ferry to Gozo leaves from.view to the Blue Lagoon at Comino As we arrived, we just missed the leaving ferry and thus we had to wait 45 minutes until we could finally get onto the ferry. The crossing took 25 minutes and cost 1,75 Lm round-trip. We bought the ticket right away at the quay, but it was checked on the way back.

Having arrived at the harbour of Mgarr at Gozo, a bunch of taxi drivers rushed at us. They wanted to drive us around the island. the harbour of Mgarr One of them was especially cheeky. He tried to persuade us that going by taxi is much cheaper than renting a car. The trick is that tourists are baited with prices for just a ride to the capital Victoria. When you have arrived there, the costs for trips to other sights rise quickly. From the beginning we had decided to rent a car. We had also found something in the internet, but we could not find the rental station of Swansea. Thus we went to Avis, which is situated directly at the harbour. We hired a brand-new Peugeot for 10 Lm insurance and unlimited milage coastline at Xlendi

included. Just to remind you: The taxi driver wanted only for the ride to Victoria 5 Lm. If you visit the whole island it quickly sums up to 15-20 Lm. Since the island is quite small (you need not much petrol - we payed 2 Lm for it) and there´s not much traffic (they drive on the left side), a rental car is in our opinion the best alternative for a trip across the island, in case you´ve got an at least 25 year old driver with you.

Caroline CaveIt was once again exciting to drive on the left side of the road. In Thailand we had been able to already try it and it was also no problem on Gozo.Azure Window First we went to the picturesque Xlendi, situated at a small fjord-like bay at the southcoast of Gozo. In the north of the bay steps lead up to the Caroline Cave where in former times the Dominican nons were taking their bath. We did not want to take a bath but visit and the view from there was fantastic. It was not later than noon and thus sea water pools

we took advantage of the current position of the sun in order to drive to the probably best-known place on Gozo, the Azure Window. It is a arch of globerine sandstone standing in the sea and definitely worth a picture. We creeping across the rocks in order to get closer to the roaring surf that splashed against the walls of rock and then gathered in water pools. Here we got really seduced by the fascinating nature.

place of pilgrimage - Ta´PinuLater we visited the basilica of Ta´Pinu, which, as a church of pilgrimage, was raised to a national sacred. Being built in 1931, it is rather simple inside, but from the outside it is a splendid building. We went on to the highlight of our tour, through Zebbug to the Xwieni BayXwieni Bay. You wonder what there´s to see? Something for those who are interested in nature. Here the globerine limestone projects directly into the sea, and is being sanded by the breakers, so that the result looks like a huge petrified wave. We were lucky to see how the afternoon sun illuminated the stone perfectly. fascinating formationsYou don´t want to leave. Here the sunset is certainly an enjoyment. We still wanted to go to the capital Victoria and visit the Citadel with its magnificent cathedral. From the fortress we had a marvelous view of Gozo. Since it was already late in the afternoon, we strolled for a while trough the small streets of Victoria cathedral of the Citadel in Victoriaand decided to end our Gozo-Tour at this point. If we had had more time, we also would have visited the Ramla Bay (largest sand beach of the island) with the Calypso Cave and to Xaghra with the well-known Ggantija Temple. But the ferry to Malta was waiting. Thus we parked the rental car and ferried over at 6 p.m. Having arrived on Malta, it was already dark and we noticed, that not all busses were going from the quay at that time. Finally we took the bus No. 45 to the edge of the outskirts of Bugibba and walked the rest of the way to our hotel.

panoramic view of Gozo

Our Tips

We would advise everyone who wants to explore Gozo on his own to rent a car on the island. There are possibilities for renting a car directly in the harbour of Mgarr, i.e. Avis. There´s not much happening and the prices of 6-10 Lm per day are moderate.

A crossing with a rental car from Malta to Gozo for one day is hardly worth it, because a ticket for a car on the ferry you already have to pay 5,75 Lm and sometimes you even cannot take the next ferry.

If you love taking pictures you should plan your island tour so that you Azure Window in the late noon, because then the sun has the right position for wonderful pictures.

We advise those who are interested in nature to make an excursion to the Xwieni Bay. Here the globerine limestone projects directly into the sea, where huge "petrified waves" have been created by the breakers.

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