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Taormina was our vacation place from where we went on our day trips. Although the town is no doubt very touristic, it has nevertheless, due to the old buildings, the narrow lanes and hidden corners, not lost its special charm.small idyllic street Our small hotel (Villa Greta) was fantastically situated high above with a wonderful view of the bay of Taormina and the majestic Etna. The town virtually lay at your feet. At night the view turned into a sparkling ocean of lights and the moon was reflected in the water of the bay. It is amazing what building work was partly accomplished in order to build settlements on Sicily. Of course, that view had also its price. In order to get to the hotel, we always had to walk strongly uphill. Fortunately, there were stairs which shortened the zigzags of the street. It was not less exhausting though. This had one advantage: it was a good fitness training and we got in real good shape.
view of the Etna
The streets of Taormina are all very narrow. There are hardly any sidewalks as well, that means everything and everyone uses the street.Teatro Greco The Corso Umberto is the main street and pedestrian precinct of Taormina. It is enclosed by two town gates (Porta Messina at the eastern and Porta Catania at the western end). Twice the Corso widens, at the Piazza IX Aprile and at the Piazza Duomo, the two main squares of the town. The most famous building of Taormina is the Greek-Roman theater (Teatro Greco).culture and nature in the town parkdecaying building in the park We did not visit the theater however. 4,50 € for a few excavations, probably again without any explanations, were simply not worth it. In the summer months cultural events and performances take place regurlarly in the theater. The beautiful town park is an oasis of peace. The ascent up to the Castello on the summit of the Monte Tauro, the home mountain of Taormina, is also worthwhile - not because of the half-decayed Castello, rather because of the fantastic view, in particular at night.
`Café Wunderbar´ at the Piazza IX Aprile
For getting from the old part of town down to the coast there are three ways: by foot, bus or cable railway. In the beginning we walked, but after a few days we took the cable railway more often - for 1,60 € (one-way) or 2,70 € respectively it´s not cheap but the fastest and most comfortable way to get into town.

Our Tips

The best ice cream of Taormina you get at an ice bar called "Gelatomania", which is situated at the eastern end of the Corso Umberto, close to the Porta Messina. The scoop costs 1 € but the ice cream is soooo delicious.

Another delicacy in Sicily is Granite - a kind of sorbet which you can get in different tastes at cafés and ice bars.

If you leave the Corso Umberto, the main street of Taormina, and stroll through the labyrinth of medieval narrow streets and stairs, you can discover some cosy places. If you are looking for some peace and quiet in Taormina, the beautiful town park is the best place to be. At night the town is particularly picturesque.

Don´t pay the high charges of the rental companies for bringing the car to the hotel. According to our knowledge, all well-known car rental stations, also in Giardini Naxos, can be comfortably reached by public means of transport.

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