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Cava Grande

From Avola a road leads into the view of Cava Grande from Belvederegrave cavesfascinating nature reserve Cava Grande del Cassibile. At the end of the narrow winding road, after approx. 12 km you get to the view point Belvedere which offers a fantastic view of the valley Cava Grande. In the 250 m deep gorge the river Cassibile has washed out several deep, water-filled basins - so-called pools. In the opposite rock face pre-historical grave caves are to be admired.

small water fallThe descent down into the gorge to the terrace pools took about half an hour and it was already late in the afternoon. Before the entrance into the gorge we had to show an identity card because everyone who goes into the gorge has to leave some personal data - for security reasons, if something happens. The terrace pools of Cava Grande del Cassibile are still a hot tip. These small but deep pools, which are connected by tiny water falls, are just wonderful for swimming.Anke underneath a water fall Here you can relax perfectly: clear water, only a few people and wonderful nature all around - a simply fascinating oasis in the midst of Sicily. Unfortunately, time past by much too fast.wonderful refreshment Since there is hardly any shade on the way, we dared the steep ascent not before the early evening. Hiking up in the sun would have been killing. Depending on your physical condition you should take into account approx. ¾ to 1 hour. Proper footwear is absolutely necessary because the way is simple and unpaved.

Our Tips

For this wonderful place you should take enough time into account - for descending and ascending you need approx. 1½ hours. You wonīt get enough of bathing in the pools anyway.

Donīt dare the ascent before the late afternoon. Never walk in the heat of midday because thereīs no shade on the path (wear proper footwear). Until 5 p.m. the hut at the entrance is occupied. The gate at the entrance into the gorge is however always open.

Take a document of identification with you because before the descent into the gorge you will have to show one. For security reasons the personal data of each hiker are noted down.

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