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situation The thousand-year old Bautzen stands out impressive in the midst of the richly varied landscape of Upper Lusatia and is well-known as an important east Saxonian town. Despite or even because of its turbulent history, the town could retain itself the charm and own attraction. The historical town centre proudly rises on steep granite cliffs above the valley of the Spree river. Here the development of Bautzen (Budysin) took once its start with a settlement of the Sorbian tribe of the Milzener. After the first documentary View of Bautzen mention as "civitas Budusin" by Thietmar of Merseburg in the year 1002, Bautzen grew fast to a town, which became far known by prospering handicraft and influential trade in Lusatia. Although Bautzen did not only go through good times - wars, fires, also plunderings left clear tracks in the town - it always flourished again. The various historical influences on the town shaped in particular the townscape with its partial unique objects of interest.