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Historical data of Bautzen


3. cen. Eastern Germanic settlement
7. cen. immigration of the Slavic tribe of the Milzener
10. cen. affiliation to the German Empire, subjection
1002 first documentary mention as "Budusin"
1018 Peace of Bautzen between Germans and Poles, affiliation to Poland
1032-1076 affiliation to the Margrave of Meißen, then to Bohemia
1084-1135 affiliation to the count of Groitzsch
1240 first documentary mention of Bautzen´s status as a town
1250 status of a free community
1253 affiliation to Brandenburg
1319 affiliation to Bohemia
1346 foundation of the "Confederation of Six Towns" with Görlitz, Kamenz, Lauban, Löbau, Zittau
1382 extended market right
1391 right to free election of the town council
1400 Craftsmen´s Rebellion
1405-1408 repeated craftsmen´s rebellion, bloody putting down and depriviation of all privileges
1429/1431 unsuccessful siege by the Hussites
1463-1614 devastating epidemic diseases, plague raged eleven times in Bautzen
1469 affiliation to Hungary
1490 affiliation to Bohemia
1524 establishment of the Protestant church in Bautzen, cathedral becomes an interdenominational church
1547 "Pönfall", loss of all privileges and properties
1618-1648 during the Thirty Years´ War repeated occupations and destructions
1635 affiliation to Saxony
1707/1720 large town fires
1756-1763 Seven Years´ War
1790-1794 numerous revolts in Upper Lusatia during the French Revolution (1789-1795)
1813 battle of Bautzen against the Napoleonic army
1815 dissolution of the "Confederation of Six Towns"
1846 opening of the railway line Dresden - Bautzen
1848/1849 civil-democratic revolution
1868 official renaming of Budissin in Bautzen
1933 wrong thousand years´ anniversary
1945 Bautzen is declared a fortress, severe destruction
1974 Bautzen´s reservoir (dam) completed
1991 refoundation of the "Confederation of Six Towns", a foundation trust was set up for the Sorbian community
1995 Bautzen becomes a major regional administrative center