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The largest island of the Mediterranean - our holiday 2002 map of Sicily
Our holiday 2002 led us to Sicily for 14 days, the largest island of the Mediterranean. With the following pages we would like to pass on our experiences and impressions to other Sicily-interested people. This time we chose a steady holiday place (Taormina), from where we went on day trips, usually by our rental car. Scenically, Sicily is very interesting and has quite a bit to offer, for example the impressive and still active volcano Etna or the beautiful lonely regions off the tourist routes. A visit of Sicily is always worthwhile, just for its culture and history. Unfortunately there is still too little maintained and developed. We were a bit disappointed about the missing hospitality of some Sicilians. You always had to watch out. As soon as they recognize you as a tourist, they often try to cheat on you. Our efforts of making ourselves familiar with the country and adapting accordingly (in particular concerning the language), were honored rarely. That gave a somewhat bitter taste to our holiday in some situations. Of course, all Sicilians are not alike. We also met kind and helpful people. Sicily is worth seeing anyhow and that we would like to show on the following pages.