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System requirements

We test our web site with MSIE. We also try to find an optimal display for Mozilla, Netscape and Opera, we can however not check this. If any errors occur, we would be pleased about a notification. Since we use Java applets and scripts, these should be activated in your browser. We do not use cookies.

Screen resolution
The web site is optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 px, the display is also reasonable at 800 x 600 px since we check this as well. A medium font-size proved to be ideal. Gradually we will improve our web site concerning the type-face in order to be independent.


The copyright is surely quite meaningful, but internet is also about living on the ideas of others. All photos and texts are nevertheless our property, but of inquiry and only with our approval they can be used. The publication of our contents in other web projects is finally a praise for our ideas and work.


What must be - must be !!

With a judgment of May 12th 1998, the district court Hamburg has decided that the person who is running a site can be taken responsible for the contents of the linked web site. According to the district court Hamburg this can only be prevented by particularly distancing from these contents.

We keep the amount of links in our project relatively little and check these regularly for function. Since we don't have any influence on the linked web sites, we particularly distance ourselves from the contents.



The web site is designed and written by:

Ronny Pannasch (text, design, programming)
Anke Pannasch (text, design, photos, translation)